Appreciative Feedback and Feedforward


Weekly during 7 weeks one hour synchronous meeting. The other two hours weekly are to be done at your own convenience.

Training in 21 hours divided into 7 modules. Each module includes a recorded presentation by the professor, readings, practices to be carried out with the other participants and practices to be carried out with an external collaborator.


In this training, we will see how both feedback and feedforward can be better used, how to give and receive it and the advantages that both can bring to others from an appreciative intention. Feedback and feedforward with a positive framework aim to promote personal and professional growth in the performance of a person or team and generate the best possible ideas or solutions in a given situation.

In feedforward, it is about focusing on solutions and not mistakes, in the future and not in the past; in promoting growth, inspiration, and joyful engagement rather than feeling guilty, defensive, or complaining. At feedforward, we ask questions, so there is no value judgment: the opportunity is to find a way forward.

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